We try to know what are the parents’ needs so we can offer the best services regarding children’s safety,education and self development
Please answer the following questions.Based on your opinion we can improve our activities in your behalf.
1. What would you mostly appreciate regarding the preparation of children’s meal:trusted catering firm or cooking in our kitchen?

2. What would you think:we should emphasize on sport and physical exercises or computer activities?

3. Do you think learning English by daily activities is enough?Would you prefer a second foreign language to be teached to your children?What would it be? (the second foreign language)

4. Would you prefer us to open the kindergarten earlier than 7,30?

5. Would you prefer us to close the kindergarten later than 17,30?

6. Would you allow your child to join us for trips country wide?Or abroad? Can you join us?

7. What media do you think we can choose for better advertising?

8. How did you find us?(internet,newspapares,TV or some other ways)

9. Please give marks from 1 to 10,1 beeing the less important and 10 beeing the most important,to the following principles based on what you would choose a kindergarten for your child

a.proximity to the place you live or to the place you work.
b.children safety
c.the way how is prepared the meal (trusted catering or self cooking) activities
e.foreign languages
f.learning computer skills
g.wheter the kindergarten provides or not children transportation.


Thank you!