Once upon a time

Once upon a time…
This is the way the fairy-tales,like Romanian “King Aleodor story”,begin.Most of us were listening them few years ago,back in our childhood.
Also,this is the way Kindergarten Aleodor appeared located in a special place….

With small steps and great hope we have started to reveal the world’s beautiful secrets along with the first children

We never forget of healthy food

practising sports and physical exercises so we grow up nicely

The lessons and outdoor projects show us the nature’s wonders

We learn every day to respect nature.This is why we carefully collect recyclable things and we participate to a lot of contests about saving our environment

At the kindergarten we learn glass-painting

and we happily work along with our mums on Mother’s Day

We hunt chocolate eggs in kindergarten’s backyard on Easter time

and every  Christmas we expect Santa Clause to join our Christmas shows

Do we remember Halloween?Of course we do!Scary masks and nice costume contests…

Every time we watch puppets shows inside our kindergarten we get strong feelings about what’s happening in the stories!

We take nice outdoor trips.We have ridden horses and have seen special places.

Our teachers guide us to learn when making a lot of activities, thematical projects, educational projects, demonstrating lessons and then

we take tests to evaluate our knowledge.
We try to enlight Christmas Eve for poor families children by giving them some of our toys,clothes and food.We appreciate their happy faces like our highest reward.

As you know we have good English skills and we improve our skills through daily English classes,games and fun activities at the kindergarten.

So we are waiting for you to join us at ALEODOR KINDERGARTEN!